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Typical traits of giftedness

  • Rapid learning rate

  • Excellent Memory

  • Early attainment of developmental milestones

  • Early and extensive vocabulary

  • Long attention span when interested or challenged

  • Highly developed curiosity

  • Divergent thinking

  • Highly creative

  • Vivid imagination

  • Unusual sense of humour

  • Emotional intensity and sensitivity

  • Perfectionism

  • High activity level

  • Decreased need for sleep

  • Strong sense of justice

  • Preference for older aged companions

What does twice-exceptional mean?

Many gifted people also have some form of disability. This may be a physical or sensory disability, or a form of neurodivergence, like ADHD or autism.

This is called being twice-exceptional, or 2e.

Many people who are twice-exceptional need additional support, especially in education settings.

You'll find more detailed information on the various traits of giftedness here.