Here we answer some of the most common questions about joining our network, along with raising and educating gifted children. If you would like more information, you are welcome to join us on Facebook or to contact us.

Do we need an IQ test or some form of 'proof of being gifted' before we join GSN?

No, Gifted Support Network has no such requirements.

Do I have to live in Melbourne to join GSN?

No. Over the years our network has grown and we now have members from all areas of Victoria. Many of our events are held in the south-eastern suburbs but we often connect with families from further afield. We would be delighted to meet you and welcome you and your family to our events.

Are there groups like yours in other areas of Melbourne/Victoria?

There are no other groups like GSN! But there is a list of Australian support groups here.

What is the best primary/secondary school for gifted children in Melbourne?

GSN does not recommend particular schools. Each child is individual and so is each school. What we do recommend is that you come to our events and ask other parents of gifted children about their school experiences. We have a wealth of information to share!

I have been advised to accelerate my child. Should I?

Many of the children in GSN have been accelerated, so coming along to one of our events and talking to other parents will give you an excellent insight into the process of acceleration. Our members are families (like yours?), so we can share our stories and experience. However, we are not registered psychologists and do not give 'expert' advice.

My child prefers the company of older children. Can I bring my 11-year-old to the Teens Games afternoon?

In a school setting, gifted children often seek out older children to socialise with as they are drawn to 'intellectual peers'. However, in a group where all the children are gifted, meeting with 'age peers' works really well. Therefore we ask you to stick to our 13+ policy for joining the Teens group activities.

Do I need to join GSN before I come to an event?

No. You are welcome to 'try before you buy'. You can also bring your payment to any of our events and join on the spot.

How can I access the GSN library?

The library is a free service offered to members, so you'll need to join first. The library is located in Ormond, so you are welcome to borrow books from there. We also feature books in our newsletter so you know what we have. We are planning to create an online catalogue in the near future.

What are the benefits of joining GSN?

A list of our benefits can be found on the membership page.

What activities does GSN run?

A list of the full range of children's and parent's activities can be found here.