Understanding the gifted student

Here is a snapshot of the needs of gifted and talented students from the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Up to 10% of the students in a class are gifted and talented.

Up to 5% of gifted students have a corresponding learning disability.

Gifted students do not always excel at school. They are not necessarily high achievers. 

Giftedness does not automatically guarantee a student's future success.

Many gifted and talented students are perfectionists. They may work on a task until it is completed to their satisfaction. Or, they may not want to start a task that they cannot perfect.

Giftedness may be physical, intellectual, creative, social or perceptual.

The skills and abilities of gifted children may develop at different rates across the social and academic domains. This means that they may excel in one area but not in another - but they still need to be extended in the area they excel in.

Adjustments include: 

- faster pace (acceleration, compacting)

- greater breadth (enrichment)

- more depth (extension).

What can educators do? 

Helpful articles and resources

Resources for extension

We've listed some helpful websites where you can find great extension activities for the gifted student. 

Please also see the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series for more great ideas.

English and LOTE


Set students time-limited challenges to build structures in Minecraft based on 1-2 word themes. Then everyone votes on their favourite.


Information Technology

ilmango’s redstone basics playlist

Mumbo Jumbo’s redstone videos